What’s another month without First Friday in Las Vegas?

First Friday vegas art

It’s a month not worth living, that’s what. So you’d better hope your little $2 contribution at the Casino Center gate keeps this thing alive. I say, screw that, slip those volunteers a 10-spot and ixnay the extra Guinness at the Griffin later that night.

So what’s on tap for First Friday in May? How about checking out what the students, teachers and alums of the Las Vegas Academy of International Studies, Performing and Visual Arts are turning out these days, art-wise? You can do just that at MTZC (1551 S. Commerce St.) as the renegade contemporary arts gallery presents “Generation Gap,” showing throughout the month of May but debuting during First Friday, of course.

Or maybe your style is more robots and rocket pods? If so, check out Sam Davis’ latest work in “For the Love of Pod,” showing at Trifecta Gallery (inside the Arts Factory, 103 E. Charleston Blvd.). His work is about the void between here and there, back and forth strangeness. He makes us believe in the make-believe keeping us playfully aware. But more importantly, his robots are really cool. Robots, people, art featuring robots! You can never go wrong.

And, of course, there are those lovely street tents — sorry, Outdoor Exhibition Spaces — on Casino Center Boulevard between Colorado and California streets, including nine new artists: Carlos Larios, Mindfeed Creative, Korey Erra, Landis Bahe, Megan Wold, Melissa Taylor, Ashley Tovar, Rue Hernandez and Jennifer Main.

If music’s more your thing than visual arts (as if you have to choose), maybe you’d be down with bands and entertainment presented by IndieKrush.com on the Land Rover Stage from 6 to 10 p.m., including Love Pentagon, Swingshift Sideshow, Hand of Fatima, Pan De Sal, Flesh Tone and DJ Va Jay Jay. Or if you’d prefer, pop over to Dino’s Lounge (1516 Las Vegas Blvd. S.) after the First Friday madness and check out Love Pentagon, A Crowd of Small Adventures, Flesh Tone and DJs Solomon and Noel while fighting sweaty bodies at the surely understaffed bar.

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