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Neon Outlook: Las Vegas’ live music in October

September 28th, 2008

Lips Like Morphine play with Letters Burning and Air Raid Anthem Oct. 5 at Revolution inside the Mirage.

We know how you like it: Hard and fast. So without further adieu, here’s a preview of what’s to come in Las Vegas’ live music scene for the month of October 2008. Buckle up:

Wednesday, Oct. 1
Wasted Space: Filter at 10 p.m. $20, 21-over.

Thursday, Oct. 2
Jillian’s: Heavy Heavy Low Low, So Many Dynamos, KDT and Vannacutt at 6 p.m. $10-12, all ages.

Friday, Oct. 3
House of Blues: Mindless Self-Indulgence, Die So Fluid, Dearestazazel and I Am The Dream at 6 p.m. $17-20, all ages.
Fremont East Entertainment District: Rock the Block featuring Gogol Bordello at 6 p.m. $15-20, all ages.
Jillian’s (Hi Life): Hang Em High, Friday Night Gunfight and Indulge at 10 p.m. $10, 18-over.

Saturday, Oct. 4
Jillian’s: Guilty by Association, Battle Born, Dirty Panties, Zero Fingers and Seventy Sevens at 6 p.m. $10, all ages.
Jillian’s (Hi Life): Skorchamenza, Picture Pilot and Pigasus at 10 p.m. $10, 18-over.

Poets to read while ‘Under the Influence’ at Clark County Library

April 9th, 2008

Clark County Library
Photo by Liz Fuentes | Courtesy UNLV Library Special Collections

They might be good poets, but they’re terrible promoters. Hence why, a mere six or so hours before the event, we’re just now telling you about “Under the Influence,” a poetry reading fiesta held tonight (April 9) at the Jewel Box Theater inside the Clark County Library (1401 E. Flamingo Road) at 7 p.m.

The annual event is being held in honor of National Poetry Month, and features three authors with new books out from Las Vegas-based publisher Zeitgeist Press: Zeitgeist founder Bruce Isaacson, New York professor Marc Pietrzykowski and local freelancer writer/one-man poetry movement Jarret Keene.

If you go, let us know how it went. We do have commenting capabilities up in here, you know!

Making “Noise” to raise the dead at Aruba Hotel

November 15th, 2007

This Friday you could do whatever typical Vegas drinking/clubbing/sex toy partying thing it is you normally do to inaugurate your weekend … OR you could immerse yourself in something really sexy: CULTURE.

“Noise” — the semi-regular live painting/music/hippie fest held inside the Aruba Hotel’s Thunderbird Lounge (1215 Las Vegas Blvd. S.) — is hosting a special, themed event, “Day of the Dead,” this Friday night at 10 p.m. Yes, it’s two weeks after the actual dia le los muertos. Whatever, don’t get technical.

There will be spoken word, a drum circle, live music by The Experimental Freakshow with The Touch, and art by a whole slew of folks, including Gina Quaranto, Jada Fire and Katlyn Breene. There will also be a special slide show/altar set up to honor dead loved ones, featuring images submitted by “Noise” attendees.

The “Noise” people are also asking for canned food and sleeping bag donations for Las Vegas Peace Project and Project Purpose.

Oh, yes, and I’m sure you can drink and fornicate and whatever else you enjoy doing as well. Well, save the fornication for AFTER the event. Maybe get a room at the Aruba. I highly recommend it.

And a thanks to Chris Snethen for linking to my Killers rant from yesterday on his excellent blog, The Vig. Hope that Sam’s Town taste washes out soon.

If Neon Crushes in a Forest, Does it Scream?

October 18th, 2007

Las Vegas poet, journalist and comic book enthusiast Jarret Keene is hosting “Neon Crush: A Celebration of Las Vegas Poetry” tonight at the Clark County Library’s Jewel Box Theater (1401 E. Flamingo Road) at 7 p.m.

The event will feature original, unpublished spoken word pieces by area poets, and a limited-edition “Neon Crush” chapbook will be distributed free at the reading.

Yeah, I know it’s late notice. We here at Bleeding Neon were just informed about a half hour ago. So there you go.

Oh, and if you don’t read the Rebel Yell, UNLV’s student-run newspaper, maybe you should. Its political coverage and commentary of late has been interesting, especially the recent furor the paper received over a recent Ron Paul editorial. Click here to read the follow-up and about three dozen comments from zealous Paul-ites.