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VEGASinsight provided alternative news, commentary and multimedia coverage about Las Vegas music, culture and art on the web from February 2006 to December 2008.

Launched by local writer and editor Pj Perez, the website originally featured content provided exclusively by its creator. Eventually, the site expanded to include blogs, photo and video galleries and neighborhood guides, featuring contributions from established area journalists and photographers as well as offering new voices a chance to shine. VEGASinsight grew from just under 3,000 unique visitors in 2006 to almost 15,000 in 2008.

Ultimately, despite its growing audience, relative critical success and expanding base of contributors, the site continued to be a one-man show behind the scenes, and supporting the continuation of VEGASinsight as well as sister sites The Hype! Today and Pop! Goes the Icon spread their webmaster a little too thin.

To that end, Perez collapsed those sites (including his own at www.pjperez.com) launched a new, “official” site, Bleeding Neon. Those looking to follow both the writer’s journalistic exploits as well as his unique takes on Las Vegas, pop culture and the arts now have one destination.

The entire content of VEGASinsight will continue to be available here, in an archived form, still accessible via vegasinsight.net.

Mission Statement and History

“Taking back Las Vegas — one word at a time” was VEGASinsight’s original motto. It’s the driving concept behind this website, and it’s more than just lip service. With increasing visibility of Sin City – some might say ubiquitous – many a commentator and pundit have come along to put their own spin on the “real” Las Vegas. Even people that live within our dusty valley often know only the image of Vegas that is presented in the mainstream media: flashy hotels, decadent nightclubs, fabulous parties, flesh, drugs and excess. VEGASinsight doesn’t deny that a large part of our unique metropolis is reflected by those attention-grabbing elements. But our mission is to ensure that no one forgets or ignores the other side, the Vegas we know, love, sometimes hate and most of all, live, “behind the neon.”

So this site covers the latest in local, independent and alternative arts, music, activism and culture, but also features what we hope will become the largest repository of independent articles about the underground and alternative cultures in Las Vegas. In addition, you will find image galleries (featuring photos from past and present), discussion boards, neighborhood guides, and even video and audio. In all, this is the one place where you can take part in something created by Las Vegans, for Las Vegans.


Pj Perez Editor pj perezLas Vegas journalist Pj Perez has spent the better part of his two decades in Sin City embedding himself in and around the creative culture of this surprisingly diverse city. He’s been a performing and recording musician, a record label owner, a publisher, publicist, music producer, graphic designer, web maven, poet, playwright, actor and most prominently, contributing writer to a number of publications, including Scope Magazine, City Life, Las Vegas Mercury, Las Vegas Weekly, Art and Living, Rolling Stone and more. Perez was managing editor of the now-defunct Racket magazine and launched the Vegas industry blog DailyFiasco.com. He plays drums in alt-rock band As Yet Unbroken and in addition to lording over VEGASinsight, runs a few other notable blogs, including Pop! Goes the Icon and The Hype! Today.

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