Free movies at the library? Win!

The Talent Given Us
We’re not sure that this is a scene from The Talent Given Us, but it was in the press kit, so who are we to not use it?

Three things we love: Free movies, free air conditioning and the library. You know where we’re going with that lead, right? Because we’ve used this gimmick before. And we’ll do it again!

The CineVegas From the Vault series continues at the Clark County Library (1401 E. Flamingo Road) with three CineVegas celluloid alumni presented for free at 7 p.m. the first Thursday of each month throughout the warmer months, save for June when the 10th Annual CineVegas Film Festival takes over the Palms for a few weeks.

Things kick off on May 1 with 5th World, a 2005 festival feature that traces the contours of burgeoning love between two Navajo students while exploring how tribal culture shades their bond in powerful ways. After the 2008 festival, the series returns on July 3 with 2004’s Malachance, which follows a troubled man from New Orleans as he moves to New York and takes on a new identity. And finally, 2004’s Grand Jury Prize winner, The Talent Given Us, plays on Aug. 7. This festival favorite tells the story of a family forced to come together after making a cross-country trip to track down their absent brother.

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