N9NE Group: Yep, we’re granolas

Moon nightclub
One of the best views in Las Vegas, now 100-percent carbon free.

N9NE Group – the dining and nightlife company behind all those clubs and restaurants at the Palms (4321 W. Flamingo Road) in which you enjoy imbibing and engaging in tomfoolery – is taking the initiative to be more environmentally responsible, as evidenced by a couple of notable events and announcements.

First, N9NE’s Moon nightclub atop the Palms’ Fantasy Tower is hosting an Earth Day fundraiser next Tuesday, April 22 at 10:30 p.m. Not only will a portion of the $20 cover charge be donated to the Nevada Conservation League, but patrons giving contributions at the donation station outside the club will receive drink tickets valid until the end of the night. Fliers for the event are being printed on Lotka paper, made from the bark of the Daphne bush, and apparently they produce flowers if planted. Seriously? Yep. How friggin’ rad is that? Every flier should be plantable! We could grow entire gardens just using the last batch of fliers left under my windshield wiper outside Beauty Bar last week.

Where were we? Oh, yeah, so on top of all that, Jack LaFleur will be spinning house music in Moon’s Satellite Bar, and body-painted dancers (are those eco-friendly paints?) will distribute 100-percent organic cotton tees from American Apparel throughout the night.

On a wider scale, N9NE Group’s co-owner Jenna Morton – a self-described “granola” – is working to make the company greener across the board, offsetting the carbon footprint of six of their Palms venues by purchasing renewable energy credits and forest sequestration credits from Green Mountain Energy’s BeGreen division. Oh, sure, instead of just throwing money around to ensure carbon neutrality, they could do things such as print fliers on plantable fibers, but I guess that’s not possible, is it? Oh wait, we forgot: It totally is.

Either way, hats off to the company for wiping out its carbon footprint for all of 2008 and to Morton – who, by our count, volunteers in approximately 34,589 community action groups and charitable organizations – for putting N9NE Group’s money where its mouth is. Our next suggestion for reducing waste: Clothes-optional go-go dancers. Think about how much water and energy would be saved without having to wash those, um, clothes every week!

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