No time for homework when you’re playing Extreme Thing

Emo emo emo
Sorry, Eyes Like Diamonds — This Romantic Tragedy (left) wins the”Prettiest Hair” challenge, by a landslide.

In the event that the lure of heavy-rocking bands — such as Pennywise, Chiodos, Escape the Fate, Nonpoint, Streetlight Manifesto, Alesana or In This Moment — BMX riding or pro wrestling is not enough to get you out to Desert Breeze Park for this year’s Extreme Thing Sports and Music Festival this Saturday, March 29, then maybe supporting local bands will.

Seven local groups — whose average age appears to be 17 — were selected to play the XPOZ stage after what was surely intense MySpace campaigning for fans to vote online, following more than a month of preliminary competitions at Jillian’s in downtown Las Vegas. The final XPOZ stage lineup includes This Romantic Tragedy, Val-halla, Think, The Seventh Plague, The Countdown, Ministry of Love and Eyes Like Diamonds.

“This will be the most epic performance from us yet,” promises This Romantic Tragedy on its MySpace blog. We’re going to hold these kids to that “epic” thing. There had better be dragons and perilous journeys involved.

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