Farrell, MINK drop by Tao — but does anybody notice?

Turns out Perry Farrell did show up last night to Vinyl Wednesdays at Tao, as did Satellite Party opening act MINK. But based on my unscientific vocal surveying conducted over the last two days, no one cares. I was hard-pressed to find anyone who even knows who Farrell is, and those who did were only superficially familiar with his Jane’s Addiction work, likely only “Been Caught Stealing.”

Maybe it’s a generational thing. Those of us oft-identified as “Generation X” tend to hold Jane’s Addiction and its ringleader Farrell as pioneers of the alternative rock domination of the 1990s. But I guess those under 25 (under 30??) really have no sense of history or care to delve deeper into musical history beyond Fall Out Boy and the Used.

Not that Farrell hanging out at a club is a drawing point for me–I was going to Tao last night to see Danny Roberts’ art and to meet with one of my friends. And the Lollapalooza founder arrived with little fanfare (despite the promoters trying to build some sort of hushed din). He walked right past me with a small procession of people and headed (of course) back to a roped-off area in the back of the dining area. I asked one of our company’s photogs to be sure to snap a few pics of Farrell just because it would be cool to have in the next issue of Racket, but I think the best he got was MINK.

I know the announcement of Farrell’s attendance at the party was late coming (I received a call about 3 p.m. yesterday about it), so maybe more promotion would have yielded a bigger crowd. But all I know is when the Plain White T’s were in attendance at Vinyl Wednesdays a month or two back, there was a line around the corner to get in and the place was packed.

And have you heard Plain White T’s? Ugh.

Moving on to sexier things: I’ve never really found Alicia Silverstone attractive, but the new PSA she filmed for PETA is kinda hot. I am reconsidering my opinion on the matter. Click here to see why.

One Response to “Farrell, MINK drop by Tao — but does anybody notice?”

  1. You know, I loved Jane’s Addiction, but honestly, I’m not feeling the love for his Satellite Party stuff.

    I personally change the station when the Plain White T’s come on, but to many people, the band speaks to them musically.

    What has Farrell done lately that has really set people’s ears on fire? And I’m not talking about the diehard fans. I’m talking about just a general cross-section of people.

    Even when I was 25, I knew a lot of people then who had no idea who a majority of the classic rock icons of the 70s or 80s were. I think all generations have people like that. They just care about the here and now, not the once was. Maybe he’s just not as culturally relevant as he once was.

    Jane’s Addiction helped explode the alt-rock revolution in the 90s, and a lot of bands in the 90s owed their continued fan base to being on Lollapalooza (jeez, I still remember attending the first show), but Farrell’s just doing his own thing now. That’s wonderful for him and his fans, but it’s not going to pack a Vegas nightclub.

    I have to admit though – I would have been excited to see Farrell in person at Tao, just because I was such a JA fan. LOL