Vegas/Rated: James Turrell

vegas rated 07 13Yeah, it’s another story about James Turrell, this time for Vegas/Rated. It’s much more compact than what you may have read in M Life magazine, so for you ADHD folks out there, it’s a much easier read.

As noted in my previous post about the M Life story, I spent a pretty good amount of time with Turrell and his Crystals installations, as well as speaking with his gallery rep Bill Griffin of Kayne/Griffin/Corcoran, which just opened a beautiful, new gallery in the heart of Los Angeles, partially designed by Turrell (who also had the opening exhibition there). Griffin knows his stuff, and is curating exhibitions by the best of the best, so if you’re in the area, definitely check out the gallery.

I have one more short joint on Turrell coming soon in Crystals’ own magazine, as well as something on sculptor Richard MacDonald, with whom I had a great conversation inside his CityCenter studio. The discussion sprawled beyond his work and galleries into the art business in general and Vegas culture in specific, but unfortunately, a lot of that was either off the record, or not relevant to the story. But I hope we can chat again soon and maybe just do a pure Q&A I can share with everyone, because MacDonald is kind of a force of nature and has a lot of insight (and strong opinions).

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