M Life: James Turrell

m life summer 2013 coverOh, hey, good morning. Happy Tuesday! Or at least, I’m going to try to have a happy Tuesday, because I’m running on about nine hours of sleep in the last two days and have, as usual, a tremendous amount of things to do. Yes, the elusive “things.” But at least some of those “things” are seeing the light of day, like my most recent contribution to M Life magazine, a feature on artist James Turrell, who recently installed not one, but two light-bending installations inside of Crystals at CityCenter.

I actually pulled double-duty for this article, simultaneously conducting the on-camera interview for M Life TV while gathering info for the print piece. It was an amazing opportunity to spend the morning with Turrell, who gave us a personal tour of both “Akhob,” the appointment-only, fully immersive installation tucked away inside the Louis Vuitton store, and the public installation centered on Crystals’ monorail platform. Although the collection of spaces Turrell has transformed in the open areas of Crystals are interesting, “Akhob” is a transformative experience. My description in the M Life article doesn’t really do it justice, because my space and focus was limited, but if you ever get the opportunity to go “see” it, I highly recommend you do.

You can get a glimpse into both of the installations and play “where’s Pj?” in the M Life TV piece on Turrell:

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