Brain-top snapshot

But we'll include a lap board snapshot anyway

I know things have been quiet on the blog front here for anyone who still subscribes to this mess, and for those of you who just land on the site from various other sources, I may appear to be inactive/missing/presumed dead, so this is really just me popping my head up for a moment to assure everyone that, indeed, I’m alive. And not missing. And quite active.

As fall approaches each year, I typically get busy, normally because of the demands on my time preparing for the Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival (happening this year on Nov. 3 – more on that soon). While that’s definitely a thing in which I’m still involved, I’m slightly less loaded with responsibilities related to it compared to last year, when I was curating back-to-back art exhibitions, coordinating two opening receptions, launching a new comic, overseeing an art contest, and … lord knows what else. This time around, it’s one art exhibit, one reception, no comic and no contest.

Of course, that means my plate has to be filled with something else — in this case, a lot of “elses.” Unfortunately, I can’t really talk details on any of them right now. I did just finish up a feature for M Life magazine on Blue Man Group’s new show at the Venetian, but that hasn’t come out yet. I’m working on another article for Vegas Seven that won’t see print for a few weeks. I just put the finishing touches on a pitch for a new comic book series, as well as signed a contract to publish a new graphic novel by a few of my favorite creators next year, but until those things come to fruition, there’s no sense in talking more about them.

The Utopian: Foundation webcomic continues to be updated twice weekly (for now); that image above is from a future strip. I’m also working on a custom comic for a local company, but again, I’m being purposely vague. And then in October, I’ll be working in earnest writing dozens of reviews of Las Vegas businesses … but you’ll have to wait on that, as well. AND I got an interesting proposition out of the blue this week that may or may not develop into something … really cool.

I know. It’s maddening. Why did I even post here at all if I can’t talk about anything? Well, to pique your interest, I guess. And to take inventory for myself of every little thing that’s happening. I promise, as these things gets closer/roll out, I’ll dish details on each individual project. Besides, if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you’ve probably already glimpsed behind the scenes. And if not, you should fix that NOW.

Stay tuned.

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