Vegas Seven: The Once and Future Downtown

Hey! Remember when I used to blog about my latest appearances in media and tell the stories behind the stories and point you to go click links and read stuff?

Vegas Seven: Water Street

I spent six months researching, writing and illustrating the state of redevelopment in downtown Henderson for Vegas Seven. Now the story can be told.

Vegas Seven: Geek Massive

In this week's issue of VEGAS SEVEN, I preview the two comic book conventions that are hitting Las Vegas this weekend, Las Vegas Comic Expo and MorrisonCon.

Vegas Seven: Senseless

This week's issue of Vegas Seven includes a comic I drew as a way of dealing with the news of the Colorado movie theater tragedy.

Vegas Seven: Atomic Comics

What does it take to get me to sit down, read, and finish a book? Apparently, writing a review of it.

Vegas Seven: Sporadica Designs

The editors of Vegas Seven have let me loose in the Arts & Entertainment section of their weekly paper again. This time, I write about a quaint little gallery inside Emergency Arts, Sporadica Designs.

Vegas Seven: Comic Curators

In this week's Vegas Seven, I dish the details on the opening of Alternate Reality Comics' new Artist Spotlight gallery.

Vegas Seven: Kidrobot at The Cosmopolitan

When The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas first opened, and a good chunk of my friends and acquaintances gushed over its restaurants, live entertainment and general vibe, my initial reaction was -- as it is to most new hotel-casino developments in Las Vegas -- simply "meh."

Vegas Seven: 48 Hour Film Project

The crazy thing about finishing up this past weekend's 48 Hour Film Project is that after barely meeting the deadline and turning in our film, I couldn't just relax and celebrate. I had another deadline looming.