Sin City Kitties bring Vegas-style attitude to Primm

SinCity Kitties

Topless revues in Las Vegas are nothing new. Crazy Girls at the Riviera has been showing for, what, a few centuries now, and it preceded more modern takes on the art of tease such as X Girls, Fantasy and Crazy Horse Paris. Those latter-day shows took the bare-chested dance routines to a new level, injecting them with artful lighting, creative sets and an air of class, making the revues more enticing for couples and groups of women, and not just horny, male conventioneers.

Now a new show is bringing the same level of polished sensuality to Primm, Nev. – the Area Formerly Known as Stateline – inside the Whiskey Pete’s Showroom. Dubbed Sin City Kitties, this topless revue (not “review,” as indicated on promotional artwork) is a surprisingly well-produced show – on par with the aforementioned Fantasy or X Girls – despite its middle-of-nowhere location.

Whiskey Pete’s is one of a cluster of three resorts located in Primm, one of which (Buffalo Bill’s) is notable for being home to a mild rollercoaster; the other (Primm Valley) for being adjacent to an outlet mall. Which is to say, Primm is typically thought of as nothing more than the first place on your way into Nevada from California to gamble, and the first place on your way from Nevada to California to buy Lotto tickets.

Sin City KittiesBut the Primm Valley Resorts – as they’re collectively known – have been trying hard to turn that perception around, marketing themselves as a quick, fun getaway for Vegas locals. At the Star of the Desert Arena, bookings of such headliners as the B-52’s, Blondie and Snoop Dogg – yes, we said Snoop Dogg – are targeting more diverse (and younger) patrons, and Primm has been offering hundreds of free tickets to these shows to get feet into the door. The arena was even nominated for “Casino of the Year” at the 2007 Country Music Awards. And with Sin City Kitties, Whiskey Pete’s is advertising room-and-show packages starting at less than $50 – a price point low enough to justify the surprisingly brisk half-hour drive to Primm from Las Vegas.

Brought to you by the same producers behind song-and-dance band Sin City Heat (formerly Sunset Strip), Sin City Kitties offers up seven lovely ladies — Mistress Lily, Champagne, Sonya, Summer, Eva, Pony and Roxy — dancing and singing to both contemporary hits and original songs, strutting their hot bods and revealing a whole lot of T, a decent amount of A and having a whole lot of fun doing so. The expected scenes are all present and accounted for: a cowboy theme, a Latin dance, a stripper’s pole — but Sin City Kitties offers some takes on the tried-and-true that make this show more fun and sexier than one might expect. An audience member is pulled on stage to receive a lap dance from a dancer in a giant kitty costume — but the oversized feline is revealed to be one of the two TomKats, male dancers who provide the show’s beefcake factor. And a bathtub scene featuring the voluptuous Champagne writhing under streams of water poured on her by her fellow Kitties is about as erotic as they come.

It would be easy to knock Sin City Kitties‘ location — and choice of name, given the show’s non-Vegas locale — except that Whiskey Pete’s can actually be a load of fun. The rooms, while painfully in need of a remodel, are cheap and clean. The bars in the casino serve cheap drinks and $1 hot dogs, if that’s your thing. And even the show bar offers up decent-sounding cover bands that pack the dance floor with tipsy travelers. Primm’s not fancy, it’s not trendy, and maybe it’s just the perfect off-the-map getaway you’re looking for.

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