Devils Night 11 raves the day this Halloween

devils night rave halloween las vegas
Dear AWOL: Hell yes.

In a city where the rave scene is as close to death as it can be without yet being buried, the 11-year survival of AWOL Productions‘ annual Devils Night parties is both freakish and impressive. Chad Craig has been producing this local favorite event the entire time, and despite his own frustrations with venues, police and permits, he keeps coming back with bigger DJs, more awesome decorations and that same great party vibe that has become synonymous with AWOL events.

Devils Night 11 is being held on Halloween proper this year, Friday, Oct. 31, which is of course a double holiday for those of us in the state of Nevada: it’s Nevada Day, which celebrates the day we attained statehood – and gets a whole lot of us out of work for Halloween. Booyah, three-day weekend!

The lineup has yet to be announced for this year’s bash (as well as location, price, etc.), but last year’s headliner was The Crystal Method, so obviously expectations for the ’08 event are high. Look for this to be a 4,000-capacity party with some of the biggest names spinning house, drum-n-bass, techno, speed, garage and much more. Stay tuned for details forthcoming.

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  1. So true! But outside of the Devils Night party, there’s not much action otherwise. Which makes sense, as rave culture is … well … kind-of played out, you know? Doesn’t make us love it any less!