Vegas Arts in the news: Chihuly debate, Metro Arts Council


The work of glass sculptor Dale Chihuly has become a Las Vegas fixture thanks to his permanent installation in the Bellagio, Fiori di Como. But is it art, or is it mere decoration? That’s the topic of discussion this week over at ArtsÉtoile, sparked by reactions to Chihuly’s current show at San Francisco’s de Young museum. Join in the discussion at ArtsÉtoile. We don’t like to declare what is or is not art, only what is or isn’t pretty. And Fiori di Como sure is pretty.

As seen in the Las Vegas Sun and Las Vegas Weekly last week, Joan Lolmaugh has formed the nonprofit Metro Arts Council to reinforce a strong arts community here in Sin City. MAC is off to a good start, thanks to a $30,000 grant from the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority to develop a website,, the prototype of which will be unveiled on Oct. 6.

Wait — $30K to develop just the prototype of a Vegas arts website?! Um, perhaps Rossi Ralenkotter would like to take notice of a certain other Vegas-based website that has been promoting the arts since 2005? Starts with a “V” and rhymes with “Ray Gas Pin Fight?” We could do a lot with $30K … or even $10K … how about just a Bennie?

2 Responses to “Vegas Arts in the news: Chihuly debate, Metro Arts Council”

  1. I believe that Las Vegas does need to put more into the art community but giving a grant for 30k on a website is a little out there. There is also the issue that more developing and younger artists are into the “Urban” aspect of art rather than the snobby 50k a picture of nothing art. I really hope this art council does something to put culture back on the map in Las Vegas. One thing I do find funny is that the new online art magazine “Vault” has more and it cost less than 2k to get it going.. First issue should be out in Nov/Dec

  2. Hey Steven — thanks for stopping by. A fellow writer turned me on to your forthcoming magazine about a month ago. I hear you on the ridiculousness of the $30K grant. I mean, I wouldn’t complain if I went the non-profit route and received such a grant; however, if it means pandering to the so-called art “establishment,” then, well, who knows?

    Then again, I started this thing three years ago with a likely negative balance in the bank, so what do I know? Look forward to seeing what Vault brings to the game, pal!