June’s First Friday is all about exposing body parts

Guess what we cropped out of this picture?

Oh, man, is it TDBFF (the day before First Friday) already??! Sweet baby Jesus, where has the month gone? We have to warn you, there are so many awesome art and music happenings tied into the June edition of everyone’s favorite monthly arts festival / emo kid gathering / heavy boozing shindig that we aren’t even sure if you can handle this much awesomeness. So be sure to check with a medical professional before reading any further.

First up, tonight, June 5, we have the official opening reception for “Breast Defense: Glamour Girls for Early Detection” at The Fallout (at the Commerce Street Studios, 1551 S. Commerce St.). It’s a collaboration between the gallery, the Burlesque Hall of Fame and the Keep A Breast Foundation to build awareness of and eliminate breast cancer. We went by the soft opening of the exhibit a few weeks ago, and it’s pretty cool – dozens of molds cast from the busts of numerous burlesque performers, painted by artists such as Amy Sol, Casey Weldon and Tim Biskup, as well as some musical boob-lovers: Kim Gordon, Iggy Pop and Mark Mothersbaugh. The reception, from 6 to 9 p.m. tonight, features live performances from some of the busts behind those casts, so stop by if you, too, love boobs. I mean, who doesn’t?

Also opening tonight is “What Is It?,” a new show by Southern California illustrator Thomas Lee Bakofsky, at Marty Walsh’s Trifecta Gallery (inside the Arts Factory, 103 E. Charleston Blvd. #108). It’s from 5 to 8 p.m., and as always, Tinoco’s Bistro will be providing the refreshments.

Of course, the main action takes place tomorrow, June 6, as First Friday proper gets underway. That might be a good time to swing by MTZC (at the Commerce Street Studios) for the opening reception of “A Crushed Velvet Apocalypse,” featuring new works by artist Cara Shaffer. Mark Zeilman’s gallery always features breaking artists doing innovative work, so this is sure to be a no-brainer.

It’s being billed as “the most controversial art show in Las Vegas Arts District history,” but it’s quite possible that the first collaboration between New York artists Jessica Yatrofsky (formerly from Vegas) and Keith Telfeyan, “Overindulgent Glandular Apparatus” is living up to that hype. A series of photographs and video dealing graphically with sexuality, both from meditative and voyeuristic angles, this exhibit features explicit images of the nude (and erect) male form, so the weak of heart can stay home. For the rest of you, what excuse do you have to not be at Dave Zero gallery (at the Commerce Street Studios) tomorrow night?

For more information on all the First Friday offerings, you should visit the official website at www.firstfriday-lasvegas.org.

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  1. IrishMASMS says:

    But Citylife published the picture, ween and all….

  2. So I heard. But I didn’t want man meat popping up on my screen every time I updated the site. I like to keep it, as they say, “safe for work.”