Drown your IRS woes in free beer at Freakin’ Frog on Tax Day

Freakin\' Frog

Feeling the pinch of the impending deadline for filing your 2007 tax return? Adam Carmer, owner of Freakin’ Frog and the forthcoming Adam’s Ribs, wants to help take off the edge a bit — with free beer and barbecue tomorrow, Tuesday, April 15, starting at noon at the Frog (4700 Maryland Parkway).

“Freakin’ Frog can’t do anything about income taxes,” Carmer says, “but we can do something to soften the blow: a free beer to cry into when you realize just how big a chunk the government took out of your paycheck.”

Those taking advantage of the Tax Day freebies are also getting a sampling of the offerings from Adam’s Ribs, which is slated to finally open this month, more than a year after Carmer took over the former Moose’s Beach House location. The always-confident restaurateur and UNLV professor boasts Adam’s Ribs’ offerings are “the best barbecue in town.” We shall see …

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