Put down the Wal-Mart gift card; pick up some homegrown art

City of the World gallery

‘Tis maybe the season to be jolly, but for most Americans–especially those car-confined, harried Las Vegans–the holiday season is all about consumerism and last-minute freaking out (or, as some call it, “holiday shopping”). Well, we know you VEGASinsight readers are a different lot–you appreciate music, art and culture, right? So why don’t you share that appreciation with your loved ones?

City of the World, a non-profit gallery located in the heart of the Las Vegas Arts District at 1229 S. Casino Center (at Colorado), is holding a “Super Saturday Art Sale” on Dec. 22 from 1 – 9 p.m. A number of the featured artists will be on hand for you to haggle with over prices. City of the World features an eclectic collection of styles and items, from Gina Quaranto’s Gothic-tinged Christmas ornaments and Sean Jones’ humorous comic panels to artisan handbags by Sol Sisters and hand-painted silk scarves by Brent Haug.

For more information, contact Roz at 702-523-5306 or visit the City of the World website at www.cityoftheworld.org.

6 Responses to “Put down the Wal-Mart gift card; pick up some homegrown art”

  1. It took me a second to recognize that house without all the First Friday stuff around it. (That just shows I don’t get downtown enough, I suppose.)

  2. Oh, it’s OK, I was downtown during the day once near Main and Colorado and saw this creatively-painted Dumpster on Colorado and thought “wow, that looks out of place here.” Then I realized I was right across from the Funkhouse.

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  4. Thank you Pj for putting up our ad, I do appreciate it. I really hope some people show up at least to consume all the munchies and stuff we are bringing :) Its just so hard to get people to remember that we are open during the whole month and not just on First Friday. Hopefully the super sale will help. Man, no wonder there are so many “here today gone tomorrow” opening and closing down town. :) But the cool thing about this gallery is there is an entire room with fine crafts and art “useable” for the home not just art that hangs on the walls. And the prices are accessible to everyone. Hope to see you all there. Thanks for supporting local art and music.
    gina q

  5. Aart Langelaar says:

    It was very interesting to read and see the growing ideas this group has made.
    I, myself have no artistic ability what so ever but I know what I like when I see it.
    Keep the good work going.
    Fondest greetings from “DOWN UNDER”

  6. Interesting stuff here