Vegoose cometh … art thou ready?

Presumably, most of the free world–OK, fine, most of the Las Vegas Valley–OK, fine, most of the music-loving, under-40 folks in the Las Vegas Valley–knows the third annual Vegoose festival is coming to the Sam Boyd Stadium in Henderson this weekend. So we don’t need to tell you–the music loving, under-40 folks–about how you attendance is mandatory, unless you really want to miss the (temporarily?) reunited Rage Against the Machine, Daft Punk, Muse, Public Enemy, Queens of the Stone Age, moe., Atmosphere, or a dozen other hip-hop, rock, jam and electronic bands.

Daft PunkWhat you might not know about are the official/unofficial Vegoose after-parties. Now, I’m not talking about the Vegoose at Night concert series, where bands such as the Shins, STS9 and Thievery Corporation perform midnight concerts at the House of Blues and Joint after the festival proper ends each day. No, there are a few more options, and both should satisfy you whether you’re a Red Bull-and-vodka-drinking clubgoer or a Pabst Blue Ribbon-swilling hipster.

Let’s get the mainstream stuff out of the way: Saturday night (Oct. 27), Daft Punk hosts an after-party at LAX inside the Luxor, with DJs AM and Steve Aoki (Kid Millionaire) spinning. Were Daft Punk actually PERFORMING, this might be the only time LAX at the Luxor is worth dealing with. But if just hanging out in relative proximity to the French duo is enough for you, Steve Aoki is a DJ worth shaking your ass to. AM … um, well, whatever.

A less obnoxious and more fun (and FREE) option might be the Las Vegas Weekly’s After-Goose party at Beauty Bar (517 Fremont St.) at 9 p.m., also Saturday. Eugene Hutz and Pedro Erazo of Gogol Bordello will spin the tunes while A Crowd of Small Adventures, The Skooners and Sparkler Dims play live music. And did I mention it’s free? Yeah, you know where I’ll be after Vegoose Saturday night.

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