Oh, the Hype! The Hype!

Curses, people: My favorite site for discovering/recovering music, The Hype Machine, is launching a new version of, um, itself, but here’s the trick: it won’t launch until 10,000 people are viewing its front page all at once. That means 10,000 of us need to leave this window open on our browsers before the music blog aggregator will be accessible (to all but those few people who already have beta test access).

Even Neil Gaiman’s pushing this on his blog. Come on, people, load up and leave it up. Only 7,000 6,500 or so more people to go.

EDIT, 5:30 p.m.: OK, publicity stunt over. The username and password for the “beta” version of Hype Machine is … get ready … “hype”.

Hype Machine indeed. Well, thanks for the extra love coming from Google, Technorati and the like.

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