This Pirate needs your booty

PirateYou have to wonder what kind of men would brutally attack and beat into a bloody pulp a 5’3” young woman for no apparent reason.

Sadly, we may never find out, if the case of the assault on Sin City Roller Girl Pirate is not solved.

According to reports posted on numerous websites — including LiveJournal, MySpace and the official Sin City Roller Girls site — the diminutive member of Las Vegas’ local roller derby team was leaving the Aristocrat bar and restaurant at 850 S. Rancho Dr. (near Charleston Boulevard) with two co-workers after a late shift about 3 a.m. Saturday morning when she got caught in the midst of a fight between several men.

One of them struck her in the face with a blunt object wrapped in a sweatshirt, crushing the left side of her face. While on the ground, the three adult males – one white and two black – kicked and stomped the 100-lb. Pirate until patrons of the bar chased them off.

She underwent more than four hours of surgery over the weekend to reconstruct the left side of her face. Pirate is conscious but in extreme pain at Spring Valley Hospital. Police are still looking for the assailants, and are looking to the community for assistance.

If anyone has any information about this crime, please contact Crime Stoppers at 702-385-5555 or 702-229-3347 for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s Assault & Battery Division.

Pirate does not have health insurance, and the Sin City Roller Girls are accepting donations on her behalf.

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