Public Work(s)

I started to write a post about working remotely and ended up with 900 words on Maryland Parkway. Go figure.

Vegas Seven: The Once and Future Downtown

Hey! Remember when I used to blog about my latest appearances in media and tell the stories behind the stories and point you to go click links and read stuff?

Spinning Tales from Fremont Street

"Spinning Tales from Fremont Street" opens inside the Barrick Museum at UNLV this Wednesday, featuring original art, sketches, notes and other behind-the-scenes looks at the new anthology comic, "Tales from Fremont Street."

This Week: Seduction of the Innocent

"Seduction of the Innocent: A Visual Exploration of Comic Book Censorship" opens this Friday, Sept. 30 at UNLV's Barrick Museum. You should be there. I will.

Desktop snapshot, 2/11/11

I'm still kind of in radio silence, but just wanted to drop in to kind-of share what I'm working on currently. I've been hired to produce a comic book-style set of illustrations for a psychological study being conducted by some very cool researchers at UNLV.