Buy This: Omega Comics Presents Bluetick & Redbone

Get your hands on the first issue of the second volume of Omega Comics Presents, which introduces Bluetick & Redbone, a pair of ne'er-do-wells who find themselves caught in the middle of a set-up they never bargained for.

The Best of Omega Comics Presents, Vol. 1

The Best of Omega Comics Presents, Vol. 1, is coming out in September, collecting the best stories from the first four issues of that anthology series, including all four chapters of my story, "Omega."

Crystal Fractal interview

Fellow unsung indy comic creator and colleague Dino Caruso is doing this neat set of interviews with other such creators over at the blog for Crystal Fractal Comics, a small Canadian comic publisher. Last week, he finally posted the interview we conducted over about three months.

Desktop snapshot, 1/15/11

I'm trying to cram in drawing as many of these comic book pages for the final chapter of my anthology serial "Omega" as I can this weekend.

Desktop snapshot, 1/8/11

I'm still hard at work finishing the pencils on these pages from "Omega" for Vic Moya to ink. Interestingly, I've spent more time painstakingly rendering these pencils than I ever did doing finished inks for any of the previous chapters. Go figure.

Desktop snapshot, 12/30/10

I'm back at the art thing, feverishly (OK, fine, I'm not burning up or sweating or anything, but you get it) working to get done my portion of the next issue of Omega Comics Presents before I look like a jackass for holding up the issue's release, while all my other creative teams actually made their deadlines.