Magical (Musical) Mystery Tour: Part Eight

We have come to the beginning of the end (for now) of the Magical (Musical) Mystery Tour, and what a long, strange trip it's been.

Magical (Musical) Mystery Tour: Part Seven

It's a testament to my loquaciousness that I've managed to squeeze seven long-winded blog posts out of the subject of my public/semi-public musical indulgences, considering that despite nearly 20 years of effort, any semblance of a viable musical career remains hopelessly lost to me.

Magical (Musical) Mystery Tour: Part Six

This time around, I'm going to pull back the veil on what the hell I was doing in between all these projects, from recording material that never left the living room to planning a Rahne comeback that never happened.

Magical (Musical) Mystery Tour: Part Five

We're going to get darker and spookier than any of the previous four entries in this series exploring the trials, tribulations and sheer wackness that has been my fully unsuccessful-but-vaguely interesting musical non-career, for today we discuss a band whose mere mention sends shivers up the spines of the unwashed masses: Morgana Athena.