Stop hatewatching movies and TV shows. It just doesn't make anyone happy. Except the people making the movies and shows.

The Two-Penny Review: Man of Steel

On its own, "Man of Steel" is a well-made, fairly engaging science-fiction adventure movie. As a summer action movie with some gravitas to it, it’s pretty good. If you're a hardcore Superman fan ... your mileage may vary.

Fund this: Untold Tales of the Comic Industry

Comic book writer, indie filmmaker and all-around good dude Brandon Jerwa is making a documentary that focuses on those insanely creative people who work endlessly at bringing comic books, graphic novels and cartoons to life.

The Two-Penny Review: X-Men First Class

I don't often write about other media, but occasionally, I consume a movie, book or comic on which I just have to comment, and hence we have today's quasi-review on X-Men First Class, which debuted in movie theaters this weekend to the tune of $55 million.