Desktop Snapshot, 1/8/17

Everyone else is watching the Golden Globes. I'm watching my MacBook Pro monitor get filled up with sequential art.

Brain-top snapshot

This is really just me popping my head up for a moment to assure everyone that, indeed, I'm alive. And not missing. And quite active.

Desktop snapshot, 8/26/12

This is what my iMac desktop looks like right now, which is a pretty good reflection of what it looks like at any given time. I don't work linearly on any art project. It's really hard for me to focus on one thing and do only that.

Desktop snapshot, 3/30/12

I'm trying to cram in some catch-up work on The Utopian Foundation, scanning some Homemade Comics, working through distractions, etc., before I move on to prepping for tonight's As Yet Unbroken CD release party at Theatre7.

Desktop snapshot, 2/11/12

In which our hero learns how to stop worrying and get his blog on.

Desktop snapshot, 2/11/11

I'm still kind of in radio silence, but just wanted to drop in to kind-of share what I'm working on currently. I've been hired to produce a comic book-style set of illustrations for a psychological study being conducted by some very cool researchers at UNLV.

Desktop snapshot, 1/15/11

I'm trying to cram in drawing as many of these comic book pages for the final chapter of my anthology serial "Omega" as I can this weekend.

Desktop snapshot, 1/8/11

I'm still hard at work finishing the pencils on these pages from "Omega" for Vic Moya to ink. Interestingly, I've spent more time painstakingly rendering these pencils than I ever did doing finished inks for any of the previous chapters. Go figure.

Desktop snapshot, 12/30/10

I'm back at the art thing, feverishly (OK, fine, I'm not burning up or sweating or anything, but you get it) working to get done my portion of the next issue of Omega Comics Presents before I look like a jackass for holding up the issue's release, while all my other creative teams actually made their deadlines.