Kim Thayil is a Bat-fan

Soundgarden's Kim Thayil loved Batman comics so much as a kid, he wrote a letter to the editor to prove it.

The Two-Penny Review: Man of Steel

On its own, "Man of Steel" is a well-made, fairly engaging science-fiction adventure movie. As a summer action movie with some gravitas to it, it’s pretty good. If you're a hardcore Superman fan ... your mileage may vary.

Vegas Seven: Geek Massive

In this week's issue of VEGAS SEVEN, I preview the two comic book conventions that are hitting Las Vegas this weekend, Las Vegas Comic Expo and MorrisonCon.

Where I Won’t Be: San Diego Comic-Con International

I’ve already been asked a few times about whether or not I’ll be attending the 500-pound gorilla of comic book/pop culture fan conventions this week, and the short answer is … no. Is there a long answer? Kind of.

The REAL Savage Land?

Scientists are just now uncovering a world hidden beneath the otherwise barren Antarctic wasteland, one preserved under ice for millions of years, replete with lakes and streams and, yes, life. Jack Kirby and Stan Lee uncovered it almost 50 years ago.

This Week: Seduction of the Innocent

"Seduction of the Innocent: A Visual Exploration of Comic Book Censorship" opens this Friday, Sept. 30 at UNLV's Barrick Museum. You should be there. I will.

Fund this: Untold Tales of the Comic Industry

Comic book writer, indie filmmaker and all-around good dude Brandon Jerwa is making a documentary that focuses on those insanely creative people who work endlessly at bringing comic books, graphic novels and cartoons to life.

What I’m bringing to Phoenix Comicon

If you're planning on attending Phoenix Comicon, you're definitely going to want to stop by the Pop! Goes the Icon table, where I'll have some awesome goodies, perhaps none more awesome than a hand-painted "Utopian" Munny.

Where I’ll Be: Phoenix Comicon

In about 10 days, I'll drive my Toyota Matrix loaded with comics, display stands and paraphernalia to Phoenix for my first-ever attendance at Phoenix Comicon.

Dwayne McDuffie

It's not overstatement to say the comics world was taken completely unaware today with news that legendary (and very active) writer Dwayne McDuffie died yesterday of complications from surgery.