When I was interviewing for the editor-in-chief job at my college newspaper, The Rebel Yell, I told a story of how deeply ingrained my love for journalism was: In junior high school, because there was no student-run newspaper, I just decided out of the blue one day to start one. I wrote a few reports and columns, laid it out on whatever archaic PC I owned at the time (this was the late 1980s), printed it on my dot-matrix printer, had my mom make a bunch of copies at her office, and then hand-distributed it in my classroom. I guess the administration must have liked it, because the assistant principal sought me out and gave me a pat on the back for publishing the paper. It lasted two issues, I think.

Since then, I’ve written for just about every major periodical in Southern Nevada, including Las Vegas WeeklyCityLifeVEGAS SEVENDesert CompanionDavid Magazine, and dozens others that probably aren’t in business anymore. I edited the short-lived (but long-loved) alt-culture mag Racket, and launched the entertainment gossip blog, DailyFiasco. My work has also been seen in TimeOut Las VegasRolling StoneArt+Living, and I was a local editor for the Zagat Survey. I currently write for a variety of Wendoh Media publications, as well as MGM Resorts’ M Life magazine, and whoever else needs my services. (Maybe you?)

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