Long before I realized people would pay me to assemble words into something resembling good writing, I was known as the “kid who draws really well.” You know that kid. There was one in each of our classes. The one who did nothing but doodle, sometimes at the expense of his grades, and made everyone look bad during art class. Yeah, well, that was me. While embarking on a career in journalism, that skill took a back burner, but once I realized paying someone to draw the comics I wanted to write was not optimal, I found myself forced to start drawing again.

Since then, I’ve done illustrations for a variety of books and periodicals, as well as “fine art” pieces for several group and solo art exhibitions. More recently, I’ve combined my journalistic skills with my artistic ones to produce comic-style illustrations for several publications. I can do some for you, too. Check out my portfolio if you have a minute.

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