Photo by Geoff Carter.

Photo by Geoff Carter.

Hey, what’s up, guys? I’m Pj. I make stuff. No, really. After years of trying to explain just what it is I “do,” I figure that’s the best way to sum it up. I’ve been making awesome stuff since 1976. That’s right. Ask my parents. They probably have a box somewhere stuffed full of awesome stuff I made when I was a kid, along with my first baby tooth and “Good Citizenship” awards.*

Used to be that I had a really long biography that told of my professional exploits over the last 20 years. Who cares about that? I mean, aside from my ego? So, instead, let’s cut to the chase: Who is Pj Perez? What does he do? And how can I pay him to do it for me?


My first professionally published article appeared in the long-defunct-but-influential Scope Magazine in 1993 at the tender age of 16. Since then, I’ve written for just about every major periodical in Southern Nevada, including Las Vegas Weekly, CityLife, VEGAS SEVEN, Desert Companion, David Magazine, and dozens others that likely aren’t in business anymore. I edited the short-lived (but long-loved) alt-culture mag Racket, and launched the entertainment gossip blog, DailyFiasco. My work has also been seen in TimeOut Las Vegas, Rolling Stone, Art+Living, and I was a local editor for the Zagat Survey. I currently write for a variety of Wendoh Media publications, as well as MGM Resorts’ M Life magazine, and whoever else needs my services. (Maybe you? Hit me up.)


As do many young lads, my only real ambition prior to high school was to be a comic book artist. As my Homemade Comics blog attests, I spent a lot of time practicing the art of sequential storytelling, even if all I thought I was doing at the time was aping the stuff I devoured on a weekly basis from my local newsstand. After a premature rejection letter from Marvel Comics at age 13 and exposure to the more appealing pursuits of girls and rock ‘n’ roll, I left behind comics. But they never left me. Since 2009, when I launched a webcomic called The Utopian, I’ve been writing and drawing comics in a variety of venues, and also run a boutique comic book publishing and printing company called Pop! Goes the Icon.


Long before I realized people would pay me to assemble words into something resembling good writing, I was known as the “kid who draws really well.” You know that kid. There was one in each of our classes. The one who did nothing but doodle, sometimes at the expense of his grades, and made everyone look bad during art class. Yeah, well, that was me. While embarking on a career in journalism, that skill took a back burner, but once I realized paying someone to draw the comics I wanted to write was not optimal, I found myself forced to start drawing again. Since then, I’ve done illustrations for a variety of books and periodicals, as well as “fine art” pieces for several group and solo art exhibitions. More recently, I’ve combined my journalistic skills with my artistic ones to produce comic-style illustrations for several publications. I can do some for you, too.

Digital Communications and Marketing

SEO. E-commerce. Content strategy. Information architecture. User experience. More than just digital marketing buzzwords, those are the nuts and bolts of my nearly 15 years of experience working in digital marketing both as a full-time employee with such companies as VEGAS.com, Las Vegas Valley Water District, and The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, and as a contractor with Google, UNLV, and a variety of independent clients. My content-driven, high-engagement approach to social media and electronic marketing has earned multiple regional awards, proving not that quality is more important than quantity, but that the two concepts have an inseparable, symbiotic relationship.

 *The irony is that while I was receiving those awards, I was also stealing money out of kids’ lunchboxes during recess.

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