Prince Rogers Nelson

I tried articulating my thoughts on why the news of Prince's passing hit me particularly hard yesterday, but this video still didn't really do that very well.

Rebuilding a Foundation

When I quit my job in 2013 to focus full-time on entrepreneurial endeavors, I planned to increase production on my webcomic, The Utopian Foundation. Things didn't go as planned.

Coldpocalypse Now

You'll believe a 39-year-old man can get an ear infection in ... COLDPOCALYPSE NOW.

Feeling Cosmopolitan

Yes, I know in my last post I wrote that I was going to blog every day. But it's been a busy few days.


Stop hatewatching movies and TV shows. It just doesn't make anyone happy. Except the people making the movies and shows.


I’d hate to say “look, we made it” with two days still left on the clock in 2015, but for... Continue reading →