Mark T. Zeilman

mark zeilmanRole in band: Bass / backing vocals
Gear used: Ibanez 5-string / Fender amp
Previous bands/musical projects: Various projects and musical associations/collaborations
My hobbies are: Art / painting / drawing … those may be a little more than hobbies
My favorite As Yet Unbroken song is: So far I like “Pseudo Angel” best because it has the right combo of “heavy” and “groove”
My place of birth is: Ft. Worth, Tex.
My greatest accomplishment outside music is: Showing art / owned and curated my own gallery in downtown Las Vegas for 5 years
My oddest habit is: hmmm?
If they were making a movie of my life, I’d like to see my part played by: A young Donny Most
The reason I got into music was: Playing guitar was a solitary activity which appealed to the loner in me
People who knew me in high school thought I was: Invisible
The last good book I read was: John Lennon: The Life
The last good movie I saw was: The Commitments
The biggest influences on my music include: The Beatles, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Alice in Chains, Tool … those are the ones you’d expect. Influences also have to include what you grew up listening to before you controlled it. As a kid I heard a lot of Creedence Clearwater Revival, Billy Joel, Jim Croce and maybe too much Carpenters (thanks, Mom).
My greatest unfulfilled ambition in music is: To be completely content
The worst part of being in As Yet Unbroken is: Evil PJ!
When nobody’s looking I like to: Touch it
The one thing I really want the world to know about me is: Nothing. Mind your own business!