Photo by Ryan Weber

Coming together in late 2007, As Yet Unbroken started earnestly as most bands do — a bunch of guys jamming in a smoky garage on the edge of town. But despite their varied backgrounds and influences, something clicked — or maybe it was just the beer — and an informal regular jam gave way to serious songwriting, grueling rehearsals and delusions of rock grandeur.

The linchpin of As Yet Unbroken’s aggressive, guitar-driven songs is the dark lyrical vision of vocalist Tim Beck. With songs such as “Alone,” “Pseudo Angel” and “My Reality,” the former front man of Throttlebent explores the dimly lit corners of life most people would prefer to sidestep. Instead, Beck tackles our harsh reality head on.

However, As Yet Unbroken’s music is not simply relentless distortion and foreboding lyrics. With collective influences ranging from The Beatles and The Doors to Black Sabbath and Nine Inch Nails, this quartet injects bits of funk, pop and soul into its metal-tinged alt-rock fusion. Whether via Mark T. Zeilman‘s infectious bass grooves, Jackie Pope’s fierce drum beats, or Pj Perez‘s biting guitar lines, As Yet Unbroken explores the modern rock form as much as it does the depths of human emotion.