‘Unknown’ now available in digital stores
This is my site Written by The Drum Machine on 2011-11-08

Did you enjoy the driving and haunting free single we gave to you a few weeks ago, “Post Life Society?” Was that taste just not enough? Well, guess what?

unknown cover

You can now purchase our entire new album, Unknown, at iTunes, Amazon MP3, or in physical CD direct from us.

All your favorites can be found on Unknown, in fist-pumping new versions: “Alone,” “My Reality,” and of course, “Pseudo Angel.” And there are new gems for you to sonically digest, including “Bad Blood,” “Disaster Remedy,” and our newest creation, “Wasted Time,” which is sure to burrow itself inside your head like an ear-worm of the highest order.

And there you have it! Go, download some inexpensive, new music, rock your hearts out, and then let us know what you think. And don’t forget to hook up with us on Twitter or Facebook!

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