Where I’ll Be: Long Beach Comic Con 2017

Pj Perez at Long Beach Comic Con

Photo courtesy Chimerical Media.

Howdy, folks. It’s your long-lost blogger blogging again in the service of self-promotion. And in the face of the Gulf Coast states underwater. Oh, yeah, and also I guess civil war on the horizon and maybe nuclear war and definitely Nazis everywhere.

Where was I? Oh yeah, I’m headed┬áback to Long Beach Comic Con this Labor Day Weekend, Sept. 2 and 3, because, well, I now live about 45 minutes from Long Beach, so I figured, “why not?” So I’ll be hanging out in Artist Alley, table F21, with some fresh art prints, a bunch of comics, and drawing supplies in case you want some bad drawings.

Long Beach Comic Con map

I’m doing a bit of scrambling to prep, to be honest, and I’m not even sure what comics I have in stock, because in case you missed the subtle hint drop above, I recently moved not just houses but across states, so my inventory (and life) is kinda split between Huntington Beach and Las Vegas right now.* Plus, all of my supplies and some of my art is still hiding inside boxes I haven’t fully unpacked.

But it should be fun anyway, so if you live in the L.A. megapolis and love nerdy stuff, you should come hang out. Looks like weekend passes and single-day tickets are both available, and they’re relatively inexpensive, so really, you have no excuse not to go. Yeah, I said it.

*Yeah, I know, this deserves a loooong blog post of its own. I don’t really have time for that, though. Maybe one day when I’m not still living out of boxes.

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