Desktop Snapshot, 1/8/17

desktop snapshot 1/8/17

Playing comic creation catch-up tonight as Miss Sara and her friend Andrea watch the Golden Globes downstairs. Their ability to do that was made possible only by a last-minute trip to Target to buy a $15 over-air digital antenna, because NBC opted not to make the live broadcast available on its app or website, so in 2017, we have a set of rabbit ears attached to our 50-inch smart TV. Welcome to the kinda-sorta future, I guess.

It’s been several weeks since I last completed any work on The Utopian Foundation, outside of posting a few reruns, so I’m jamming through tonight, powered by Diet Coke, making script revisions, finishing layouts, lettering pages, etc. Also putting the finishing touches on another Sequential Madness strip, one which I started drawing a long time ago at a comic convention, but it was so far back, I don’t remember which one.

Started the day (after a visit to Blueberry Hill for breakfast) with a songwriting session/practice/jam for the new quasi-secret musical project I mentioned in passing during my New Year’s Eve post. First jam/meeting last week went well enough to warrant a second one, and we actually have about five original songs in various stages of completion. That’s all I’ll say for now…aside from: It’s nice to be back on drums again.

Looking forward to the end of the coming week, when a few good friends are coming to visit. But that means I have a lot of work to get out of the way before then, so I should probably get back to it…

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