To blogging, that is. Going to keep pushing through until this becomes a habit again and I just feel comfortable doing it. A friend/co-worker of mine is doing Vlogmas, which is a thing where you post a video blog every day of December. I guess like Nanowrimo for vlogging? Anyway, she’s a bit camera-shy and trying to overcome both that and perfectionism and I’m proud she’s pushing through and kind of inspired to do the same, except over here. Even if no one is reading.

I actually would have preferred to do something like Vlogmas, but I feel kinda crappy and don’t really want to get on camera right now. I’ve been fighting off a proto-winter cold and have been right on the edge, but it’s been an uphill battle due to a really insanely hectic time professionally, something I’m not used to happening in December. Normally, a lot happens in November and then kinda tapers off toward Christmas. But nope, not right now. So I’ve been putting in 10-to-11-hour days at the office, plus a few a night at home, and not exactly eating right, and not seeing much sun or exercise. At least I’ve been able to sleep 6 or 7 hours a night, but what I really need is MORE REST.

So I’m going to try to call it a night here at 9 p.m., maybe dose up on some NyQuil to help with that, and hopefully force my body into some sort of resting state until the craziness starts again early tomorrow. Note that’s “until,” not “if.” Because, craziness is guaranteed.

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