Spider-Man’s Amazing Company

Spider-Man's Amazing Company

This latest mash-up illustration I’ve been cooking up for a little while (OK, more than a “little” while: I just realized I created the Photoshop file in … October 2012. What??). I couldn’t remember what made me think of mashing-up Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends with Three’s Company until I dug into my DeviantArt gallery this week and saw this drawing of Firestar from August 2012 in which I mused that the early-1980s animated series was “really just Three’s Company in reverse, with superpowers.”

I’m still a little baffled that it’s been four years since that idea first gestated. The last few years have been moving by so quickly, I’m not entirely sure that the very nature of time itself didn’t magically shift at some point.

Anyway, for reference, here’s the Three’s Company DVD cover on which I based this image:


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