Listen to This: ‘Panama’ by MOONBOOTS

This morning’s blog post comes to you from the somewhat dismal waiting area of the East Las Vegas Pep Boys, where I’m waiting for four new tires to be installed on my car. I’ve been putting off replacing the nearing-bald circles of rubber currently on there for a while, but I have to make a solo drive to Los Angeles in a couple of weeks, and figure now’s the time. I might have to do some other work on it before I drive 280 miles across the Mojave, but one thing at a time.

Yesterday, that band in which I play bass released its newest single, “Panama,” which is not a cover of the Van Halen song. But it is four minutes of upbeat, crunchy rock ‘n’ roll that you can sing along to, in both English and Spanish. We even have a lyric video posted to help with that, which I spent many hours crafting in iMovie, so please check it out:

The song comes from our debut EP, cleverly titled MOONBOOTS, which “drops” on March 4. If you’re so inclined to help us recover some of the several hundred dollars spent recording and mastering this six-song celebration of lo-fi rawk, please consider pre-ordering the EP for whatever amount you care to pay. Or, at the least, block out your calendar for Saturday, March 5, when we’ll play a show at The Bunkhouse Saloon celebrating its release, along with a bunch of handpicked bands. Here’s a flier:

Moonboots release party

I think that’s all for now. I’m going to take advantage of this quiet time and free Wi-Fi at Pep Boys to finish up some freelance work so that I can maybe spend the rest of the weekend doing somewhat fun things.


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