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I’m in the middle of deadline heck (that’s one level below deadline hell) right now, as somehow I went from having one assignment due this week to having something like 10 in the next two weeks, plus a decent amount of design work and band-related stuff (first gig went well, thanks for asking, more on this later). But I figured I’d check in while I’m momentarily distracted and on the fence between forging forward or calling it a night.

A few months ago, I wrote a round-up of local comic book shops for, the now year-round spawn of the Review-Journal‘s annual Best of Las Vegas survey/issue. And last week, I followed that up with a nice center spread in the print version of Best of Las Vegas on the growing presence of juice bars in Southern Nevada. It’s probably as close as I’ll ever get to writing for the Review-Journal, which I haven’t formally done in my 15 years as a freelance journalist in Vegas (I did write for two of its parent company’s former weekly publications, Las Vegas Mercury and Las Vegas CityLife).

Desert Companion coverIf you’re a dude looking to clean up your act or a pet owner looking to pamper your pet, I also wrote some top tips for Desert Companion‘s annual Best of the City issue, which just hit the stands (“the stands” being mailboxes of KNPR members and stacks at select Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Jamba Juice locations) this week. It may not win me any awards (as my writing for did last year … I’ve never mentioned that, have I?), but I’m particularly pleased with my clever little write-ups. I guess those 61,000 tweets made for good practice.

Other than that, I’m doing some features here and there for a new travel website called, one of which can be read here, and currently on deck are pieces for BLVDS, Vegas Seven, M Life and my usual real estate column for DTLV…which I kinda need to go write. Excuse me…

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