Blogging when I should be sleeping

It’s 12:34 a.m. on a Monday (Sunday night for those of us who haven’t gone to sleep yet), and although I’m in my pajamas, I’m sitting on the love seat in the living room of our new house, updating my to-do spreadsheet for the week, replying to emails, updating websites, and generally doing a lot of stuff because it’s very quiet and no one is making demands on anyone at this hour. Sara’s on the rug next to me, also on her laptop, and both of us have no right still being awake. We’ve been moving all weekend, packing and unpacking and putting up chicken wire and making Lowe’s runs and oh yeah working too, so … why am I awake again?

I guess because it’s the first time either of us has just sat down and not been actively doing something for a few days. For about eight hours yesterday, after spending all morning moving, I was running a Halloween-themed event at Downtown Spaces. The day before that, Friday, I was dealing with cable installation and appliance deliveries and prep for said event on Saturday at DTS. This was all, of course, at the end of a week (do they have ends?) wherein I was scrambling to get as much work done and out of the way before the move, which meant a lot of hours spent at Creation Forge Studios and in front of the laptop at home, in between packing and shipping out eBay items we sold to help pay for the move. Did I mention that we had/have a LOT of “stuff?” We do.

Basically, I’m pretty pooped. Like, really, genuinely exhausted. But staring down a week cramming in work again to clear out this coming weekend for enjoyment of Life Is Beautiful, and then right back into the mire prepping (and helping others prep) for the Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival, where you’ll find me and the Pop! Goes the Icon crew on Nov. 1. And I don’t expect the pace of things to slow down too much after that, but I’m kind of hoping the slow slide into the Thanksgiving/Christmas season will bring some breathing room to at least get a grip on things, or at least afford the time to focus on a few new assignments I’ve taken on that I can’t talk about but surely will in a few months … or less.

For now, my brain is finally giving up, and I have to be awake in about five hours, so that’s all for now. Stay tuned for further updates…

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