Where I’ll Be: Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con

I know. I know I haven’t updated this blog since I split off pjperez.com to its own portfolio site and, oh yeah, since I came up with the crazy notion to launch a brick-and-mortar creative design/print agency without a staff or infrastructure or sufficient funding beyond the X thousand dollars Big D Lowber and I poured into it…A YEAR AGO! It’s almost been a year, really! A year since my life went cuckoo crazy and my time to do things like blog, or make comics, or have any semblance of a social life entirely disappeared. BUT…

It’s all good. No, really. Business has been growing, steadily, and there’s a plan. Not sure if it’s a good plan, but it’s a plan. And on the publishing side of things, even though we’re still leaking money like a boat with a hole in its bottom, we’ve had seriously great reaction to our first nationally distributed comic series, San Hannibal, and although it could be selling a lot better (see hole-in-boat, above), it’s brought a lot of attention to Pop! Goes the Icon and its creators, and the next series we have lined up should follow suit.

And yes, that brings us to the entire reason for today’s blog post: Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con is returning for a second year to the South Point Hotel & Casino, after what must have been a pretty successful first year last summer. I know, because I was there, it was packed all weekend, and we did pretty good sales despite an iffy location. This year, we have a big ol’ corner booth for PGTI, and while I’m not entirely sure what we’ll fill it with, I do know I will be there this Friday-Sunday, doing whatever it is I do at comic conventions (mostly complain and sulk?). SO … if you’re going, I’d best see you, and if this is the first you’re hearing of it, well, it’s affordable fun for the whole family, so you should go anyway (and then I’d best see you). Here’s a handy map to help find me:

Amazing Comic Con map

Wow, that felt pretty good, the whole “writing just for the sake of writing” thing. I should try it more often. When I’m not on deadline. Whoooops–

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