It’s 1:15 p.m. the day before Wondercon Anaheim is set to begin, and instead of being in my car somewhere around Barstow right now, I’m sitting in the waiting room of a Pep Boys, where said car was brought in just to make sure it could make the trip across the desert. A service technician a few weeks ago (or maybe a few months—I can’t keep track) said my battery seemed low on charge, and of course, I had no time prior to today to actually bring it in to make sure it wouldn’t die on me in the middle of nowhere. My battery is fine, actually, but of course other nonsense like a bad blinker and windshield wipers are getting replaced while I’m here.

So, yeah, I should be at Wondercon inside the Anaheim Convention Center Friday, Saturday and Sunday, at the Pop! Goes the Icon table in the Small Press area. If you’re attending the show and reading this and don’t stop by, you’re basically a horrible human being. Otherwise, you’re OK. Here’s a map to make finding me way easy:


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