Kim Thayil is a Bat-fan

Occasionally, I like to dig through my box of “junk” comics—just un-bagged back issues outside of my “official” collection—for some light reading material to accompany a meal. This afternoon, I grabbed a copy of Detective Comics #451 from September 1975 to read while noshing on a salad, and when I finished up the two mediocre stories from an otherwise decent decade in Batman’s publishing history, I of course read the letters page. And look what I found:

Kim Thayil Detective Comics letter

I’m not lyin’ when I say that Soundgarden guitar-wizard Kim Thayil is originally from Park Forest, Ill., so there’s little chance this isn’t the fan letter-writing work of a 14-year-old Thayil gushing over “the best Batman story” he’d ever read up to that point.

We’re used to seeing the names of future famous comic creators in old letters pages, but future grunge pioneers? That’s a new one for me!

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