Bad blogger goes to Emerald City Comicon

Suffice it to say, I’ve been way too busy to blog. That’s something I need to get over. I know I’m juggling three businesses and still trying to have a semblance of a personal life, but if Mark Evanier can find time between all his gigs on any given day to update (even if it’s just a can of soup), then by gum, I should be able to as well.

That being said, I’m writing today from my hotel room at the Sheraton Seattle, because across the street inside the Washington Convention Center, Emerald City Comicon is happening all this weekend, where I’m holding court at booth 1808 with, of course, Pop! Goes the Icon.

I would have posted this information in advance, but let’s face it—if you weren’t already going to the convention, nothing I could write would have really made a difference. But if you ARE a person who is already in Seattle and going to ECCC Saturday or Sunday, stop by, say “I read your stupid blog,” and I’ll give you half off a comic of your choice.

Here’s where to find me in the giant labyrinth that is Emerald City:

Emerald City Comicon map 2014


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