Where I’ll Be: Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con

Pj Perez at DCC

Photo courtesy The Nerd Bird.

If you’re sick of seeing my face at comic book conventions, then you’ll probably want to avoid the inaugural Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con at the South Point Hotel & Casino this Friday-Sunday, June 14-16, because my mug will be there (along with the rest of my body, too).

After proving itself in Arizona last year, the powers-that-be behind Amazing (who, ironically, are California-based) decided to expand into the Vegas market. They’ve assembled a mighty line-up of big names, from Stan Lee and Jim Lee to Rob Liefeld and Greg Capullo and a bunch of others in between. I’ll be holding it down at table 112 in Artist Alley, which should be right about … here:


I’m trying really hard to have something new and exclusive for you fine people, but at the least, I’ll try to bring some new prints and all the old crap, too, in case you may not have already purchased it from me. This will be my last con of the year appearing in Artist Alley as a solo artist, so it’s probably your last chance to bug me for commissions or sketches, too. (Going forward, I’ll be running tables/booths for Pop! Goes the Icon, which doesn’t mean I won’t be there, just that it won’t be the “Pj Show” necessarily.) So if you want anything special, email me ahead of time or just stop by my table during the show.

Despite this being the first year for Amazing Las Vegas, I’m guessing it’s going to do pretty well, just based on the buzz around it. Kinda odd, though: A bunch of people are touting it as the first real “con” in Vegas. First, no, it’s not, if we count the failed Las Vegas Comic Con from many years ago. And even if we’re not counting that disaster, the Las Vegas Comic Expo, with its 7,000 attendees in its first year (2012), ain’t exactly chopped liver. And weirdly enough, the guy putting on Amazing actually helped produce the Comic Expo last year.

Anyway, that’s that. See you this weekend, I hope.

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