Where I’ll Be: Denver Comic Con

Denver, I am coming for you! Mainly on the recommendation of everyone’s favorite Cool Jerk, Paul Horn, I decided last year that THIS year I’d attend the relatively new Denver Comic Con, which is returning to the Colorado Convention Center this weekend, May 31-June 2. I’ll be holed up in Artist Valley (kind of like Artist Alley but with a “V,” how cute) at table A-8, which is kind of on the edge of things as you’ll see on the map below:

Pj Perez Artist Alley Denver Comic Con

Originally, I was slated to be on the opposite end of Artist Valley, at J-2, where several of my co-conspirators will be located, but alas, there was too much awesome in that one aisle, so they had to split us up.

As mentioned before, this is my first time to DCC, and while I’m always excited to “do” a new convention, I’m doubly excited because Denver is one of my top three favorite cities in the U.S. (I guess San Diego and Seattle are the other two), so any excuse to be there — especially this time of year — works for me. I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to actually spend outside of either my hotel or the convention center, but either way, I’m hoping for a good show.

I don’t have a lot of new stuff with me, but since it IS a new city/show, most of it will be new to the folks there. And I’ll be stocking for the first time copies of Lust to Dust, the hardcover comix anthology that came out last year to which I contributed a short story. It’s an adult book, so I’ll have it kind of obscured, but it’s a great collection and I’ll have it specially priced, so if you’re coming, ask for it by name.

Otherwise, I’m trying to throw together some special, exclusive stuff just for this show, but given it’s only three days away and I’m still playing catch-up from disappearing to Santa Catalina for a few days, I guarantee nothing … outside of my attendance there. Hope to see you as well.

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