Detox Mini-Week 2013

When I started doing self-described “detoxes” back in 2009, it was a pretty drastic change for me, to go from a diet heavy in breads and processed foods to one exclusively consisting of all-vegan, mostly raw, unprocessed, whole foods: veggies, fruits, legumes, nuts and juices (no dairy, no bread, no tofu, no animal products). I would feel excited but deprived, energized yet strangely cloudy.

It’s been a while since the last system reboot (I actually think it was my half-hearted attempt at an all-protein diet back in December 2011), and I’ve been feeling kinda blergh lately, so I decided to try and squeeze in a four-or-five-day detox between weekends. But while shopping for groceries for this week, I noticed something different from previous instances: My diet didn’t really require that much adjustment.

See, I’ve already changed my regular diet (and I use the word “diet” the way it should be used, akin to “climate,” as opposed to “weather,” if that analogy makes sense) to eliminate most (but not all) processed, sugary foods, especially “refined” starches. Where I used to eat sandwiches several days a week, I eat salads instead. Where I used to have waffles or toast for breakfast, I have Greek yogurt and fruit instead (that being the rare dairy I take in). I take my peanut butter (ingredients: peanuts, salt) with celery or apples. I drink tea instead of soda. You get the idea. Now, I do splurge once or twice a week on pasta or pizza (and liquor, sweet, sweet liquor), but by making those the exceptions, not the rules, I’m back down to an appropriate weight for my build and my face is no longer puffy like it was in the driver’s license photo no one seems to believe is me.

So, the only major change this week is eschewing yogurt, fish and soy products from my regular diet (and liquor, my old friend liquor), when you get right down to it. And I cheated a little by stocking up on raw, vegan prepared meals and snacks from Go Raw Cafe. But they’re DELICIOUS, and by default abide by my guidelines.*

I won’t likely be doing a daily blog as I have before, because, well, it’s not that interesting. Besides, I’ll have more exciting things about which to blog, hopefully. In the meantime, I’m gonna go make a vegetable curry.

*Seriously, crazy delicious. Especially the desesrts. All of the flavor, barely any of the guilt.

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