M Life: Tiësto, Hakkasan and Inspiring Our World

I know it’s been a while since I updated this site. Sorry. Basically, I’ve been too busy doing stuff to take out the time to write about doing stuff, and then I went off and got married and left town for a few days, and then I had massive catch-up to do on … stuff. Right. So now I’m back with the first of what will hopefully be more regular updates … and maybe eventually, even proper blog posts that have nothing to do with touting my own questionably worthy accomplishments. But until then, here’s something about me anyway, suckers:

tiestoWriting about something that doesn’t exist yet is always tricky. Same goes for writing about a show without seeing it, or a band without interviewing its members. I’ve managed to pull all of these off — hell, at VEGAS.com, that was practically in the job description — but it doesn’t make a writer’s life any easier. However, even though the new restaurant/nightclub/entertainment complex Hakkasan Las Vegas wasn’t open (or even finished construction) when I filed my most recent M Life Magazine cover story on its star DJ, Tiësto, I did spend a good amount of time talking to both the acclaimed dance music producer and Neil Moffitt, the man behind Angel Management Group, which helped bring global brand Hakkasan to the MGM Grand Resort & Casino.

An event I did attend and wrote about in the same issue, however, was MGM Resorts International’s “Inspiring Our World” musical spectacular (way back in December), which was basically the world’s coolest human resources diversity training event … on steroids. Seriously, after spending 90 minutes watching MGM Resorts employees get pumped up about corporate initiatives through song, dance and insanely heartfelt storytelling, I was close to asking for an employment application. But I’ll settle for just being tangentially employee-like in my 1099-filing glory.

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