Where I’ll Be: Alternate Reality Comics


Spread the word, if you would: I’ve put out a call for Las Vegas-based artists/illustrators/cartoonists a few weeks ago to be featured in the next edition of the “Tales From” comic book series, which I’ve been editing/publishing/contributing to for the last few years to raise money for the Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival — more than $2,500 since 2010.

This year’s edition, “Tales from Lost Vegas,” will tell the story of three friends who discover strengths they never knew existed as they face strange characters and terrifying perils inside a secret city buried beneath the streets of Las Vegas. It’s being written by Ed Hawkins, who also developed the concept behind 2011’s “Tales from Fremont Street.” “Tales from Lost Vegas” will be the first full-color, all-ages-friendly entry in the series.

If you or someone you know is interested in being considered for inclusion in this comic, there are two ways to “apply”: submit five to 10 pages of sequential art (not just pin-ups or sketches) digitally via email to editor @ popgoestheicon.com, or — and this is why I’m posting this here — bring said art samples to the in-person, open portfolio review I’m lording over this Saturday, Feb. 16 from noon to 3 p.m. inside Alternate Reality Comics (4110 S. Maryland Parkway, Suite 8). There will be snacks and libations. And me. ME ME ME ME.

But, seriously, please broadcast this out to your networks. We’re looking to get some new blood into this year’s book. And they’ll get PAID … a little bit. Hey, this is a nonprofit thing, man!

Or just come hang out on Saturday and buy some comics. Whatevs.

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