M Life: 24 Hours in Vegas

M Life winter 2013Once again, the fine folks at MGM Resorts have opened the pages of their quarterly in-resort publication, M Life, to my hack writing. This time, I help plan several different types of Las Vegas getaways, specifically for partying, relaxing or romancing within 24 hours. Sure, it’s loaded with MGM Resorts properties, but DUH. That doesn’t mean it’s any less awesome. And not just because my name’s on it.

I realized I’ve been writing for M Life for about two years now. It’s a fun gig, the editors are easy to work with, and I get to dip into topics I otherwise wouldn’t know anything about. But in general, that’s kind-of the bonus to being a journalist of any sort. You don’t have to be an expert on anything, but you kind of become a journeyman on a lot of things. And for people with short attention spans like me, that’s a perfect fit.

I’m working on a few stories for their next issue, one of which will be of particular interest to you nightclub dwellers out there, so stay tuned.

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